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Kuflink's App allows users to make investments against UK Property-Backed deals and earn a return of up to 7.2% per annum.

The app was a complex design due to the business having several different products that they wanted to feature within the app. The interface had to be very easy to use and user centric as users could potentially be investing thousands of pounds at anyone time. Any distraction or complication could deter them from their investment and cause a poor user journey as well as frustration towards the company handling their money. Something that had to be avoided.

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The Kuflink App project ran alongside the upgrading of a desktop accessible investment portal. It involved myself working alongside another designer to develop the app design, whom left the project before it had reached its end and prior to the final UX flow being finalised. This left myself to produce the final outcome in terms of UX flow and the end UI design following several stages of testing throughout the project.

Part of the brief for the project was that the two needed to be reflective of each other. This was made easier by the fact that I was responsible for both designs, although the majority of the web based application was already in place from previous the previous design used.

As mentioned before, avoiding distractions during the user journey was key as investors could potentially be investing large sums of money and would want to be reassured that both the app and the company was able to look after their money affectively.

The initial development focused on the dashboard of the app and several versions of this were designed and user tested to see which was easiest and most comfortable to use. Once this and the navigation design was completed we moved forward with creating the rest of the user experience with a pleasing user interface.

It was decided to expand the brand guidelines for the company to allow for the use of a pink colour to identify CTA's as it would stand out against not just a white background but also the brands blue and green colours.

Kuflink offers several investment products, each with various features. So this needed to be considered during the design process as they all needed to be coherent with each other but identifiable as their own product within the app so that people knew what they were potentially investing in. This was done with the use of card designs when individual deals were present (Select-Invest and Secondary Market) and more list based representation for when more than one deal (IF-ISA and Auto Invest) were being invested in a single transaction.

To make the app/platform as visually accessible as possible we also made sure that the bulk of text was black and placed on a white background making it easy to read for all on a screen. The app/platform is heavy with text in some places as there is a need for detailed information, so this became a primary need in the design.

Accessibility is important when building digital experiences, as if it is not accessible to the majority then it can be seen firstly as discriminating against those that cannot use it. Also, accessibility means that it is more user friendly meaning people will want to use your product because it is nice and it is comfortable to do so.

Overall, the app and the desktop platform was a huge, combined project. However, the outcome was something to be proud of as it simplified the user journey as much as possible whilst still instilling confidence in the user about the handling of their money and their investments by both the app and the company in turn. All whilst being easy on the eye and easy to navigate and digest.