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Who is Dave Norris, well it really isn't that complex! I am a multi-disciplined designer from Kent in the UK.

For over a decade now I have been professionally designing logos, marketing material, and creating both print and digital outcomes for a number of businesses and charities across the UK.


Growing up I always had a passion for design and art with the dream of becoming a designer. Although my career did not originally take this path I made some course corrections to make it to where I am today! However, I do not see this a bad thing as it meant I was able to learn many useful skills that I can adapt to my life as a designer.

My early career gave me a great foundation in customer service and team leadership, both of which I still hold in high regard as part of my skill set. Starting from this foundation I have been able to build, lead, and grow teams both professionally and in volunteer roles over the years to great success.

As a designer, I am open-minded and competent in various disciplines of design including; UX, UI, Visual, and Brand Design. Always willing to learn further skills and systems within the ever-evolving world of design. As well as being open to a challenge and enjoying being fully involved in a hands-on manner within all projects that I am a part of, I love to generate original ideas working towards both innovative and creative solutions.

My years of experience have allowed me to manage and follow a variety of design briefs and to work from concept to implementation, following brand guides when necessary and also creating them when required.

As previously mention I am always willing to learn further skills and systems. This motivation led me to study for my BA (Hons) Degree in Graphic Design long distance (online) over 4 years, then for my Diploma in UX Design, also long distance. On top of these, I am continuously learning and expanding my knowledge through online courses and tutorials, most recently with a TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Team Leading.

Another key skill of mine is based around team leading, building, and mentorship. I am a volunteer in the Scouts in a range of roles primarily as the Group Scout Leader in a grassroots group based in Gravesend, Kent, and also as the Kent Scouts Media Development Manager. Both these roles have me leading teams of adult volunteers and mentoring them through training in order to develop and improve their own skills. As a volunteer in the Scouts, my mentoring skills are also in use with the young people of the movement, training them in life skills and helping them to become future leaders as well as overall great citizens.

Outside of my professional life, I enjoy the great outdoors, hillwalking and rock climbing, as well as my volunteering for the Scouts. Via the Scouts, I have been given many opportunities to pursue my outdoors interests, holding a hillwalking permit (qualification) currently and previously one for rock climbing, as well as allowing me to continually develop other media skills such as social media management, video editing, and content creation.

Oh and I love football as well as being a bit of a geek with comics and Star Trek!

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