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'User centric journeys to fulfil the needs of the many'

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    Deppy App

    Deppy: Deposits Redefined.

    The brief was for a multi-purpose app (mobile and desktop) for Tenants, Landlords and Lettings Agencies that allows tenants to pay a low insurance premium instead of a high deposit when renting a property. In turn releasing a large amount of funds that are locked up and unused in the UK economy.

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    Fly UX

    Fly UX is a fictional app designed for booking flights. This project was the focus of my UX Design Diploma that was sat in 2019.

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    Kuflink App

    Kuflink's App allows users to make investments against UK Property-Backed deals and earn a return of up to 7.2% per annum.

    The app was a complex design due to the business having several different products that they wanted to feature within the app. The interface had to be very easy to use and user centric as users could potentially be investing thousands of pounds at anyone time. Any distraction or complication could deter them from their investment and cause a poor user journey as well as frustration towards the company handling their money. Something that had to be avoided.

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