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Brand/Logo Design


BackWoods is an outdoors experiences company with a focus on campfire cooking, plant propagation, axe throwing, art workshops and other workshops.

In 2019, the team at BackWoods came to me looking for help with a brand and a logo as they started out on their journey.

The brief was that they wanted to be linked to nature but not limited by any imagery in terms of showing their offering as a business as over time this would allow their offering to be adapted and workshops/experience to be added or removed from their portfolio.

For the project I teamed up with the artist, Lydia Brockless (, who is part of the BackWoods team. A series of concepts were created using the earthy tones of brown and green.

It was decided that the key element of the logo would be a cross section of a tree. This was to represent nature and the rings within it could represent confidence in a growing brand. In order to add a bit of personality to the brand we added the purple ring into the design, this added uniqueness to the design as well giving the team at BackWoods something they could use throughout other visuals such as their website and buildings at their base of operations in Buckinghamshire. A range of typefaces where also considered for the project with the same aims as the iconology of it.

Lydia, then took my concepts to create a print version of the logo with a more realistic twist to it. Keeping the functions in my concepts of the tree cross section, the rings and the purple as well as more natural typeface, in order to create the final outcome.

This project made for a great collaboration and skill share of both digital and physical techniques for creating the brand for BackWoods Experiences.

To find out more about BackWoods check out their website here:

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