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Dartford Primary Academy Wellbeing



Dartford Primary Academy were looking to launch a wellbeing programme within the school to support pupils, parents and staff with their mental health needs.

The school came to me looking to produce;
- Posters
- Booklets
- Leaflets
- Wall Graphics
- Pin Badges
- Stickers
- Noticeboards
- An animated video intro

This type of project took a vast amount of research as not only was I to create a brand that represented the programme, but also the school itself. In addition, the outputs had to be on point, accessible and accurate in order to support those that needed it.

Working with both the Head Teacher and the Teacher in charge of the Wellbeing programme I was able to develop, what I feel, was an on point outcome.

Taking inspiration from the cairns of stack stones found on hills and mountains to help guide those that wander and also from the artistic stone stacking that represents nature and balance, I developed the logo for the brand. Adding bright colours to make it approachable to all ages (especially the pupils of the school).

Following the logo design, I was then able to produce all other aspects of the brand within the perimeters of the brief.

Overall, this was a fun and important project for me to work on. It was well received by the school and is still in use today.

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