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Embroidered Badges



Embroidered badges are a fantastic piece of merchandise.

My Scouting background has really leant into my design profession when it comes to designing embroidered badges. Over the years I have designed quite a variety of these badges for events and special occasions, as well as ones that can be earned by Scouts to wear on their uniforms.

Embroidered badges are a chance to have a lot of fun as you can inject a lot of character and fun it to them as well as high levels of detail.

When it comes to output the options are varied as you could opt for overlocked badges (my preference!) where the edge is neatly outlined with a raised thread. Then there is the option of a laser cut edge, this helps when the badge is not of a standard shape as the cut of the design can be done far more accurately. Finally, there is the option of a fully printed design which allows for higher detail and even the use of photographic images.

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