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Kent International Jamboree

Brand/Web/Print Design

2016 Onwards

Since 2016 I have held the voluntary role of Brand Manager for the Kent International Jamboree (KIJ), a week long camp full of activities, cultural experiences and adventure for Scouts and Guides from all over the world that takes place every four years in the Garden of England.

In my role I am responsible for every visual aspect of the Jamboree, from the branding to the website and all things print and digital. My designs are also used on the majority of the Jamboree's merchandise.

The brand design for KIJ continuously evolving and each time the event is held it is modified to match the theme for the event. Such as in 2017 the theme was based around the World Scouting Regions and then in 2022 (delayed from 2021 due to COVID-19) the theme is 'Our Celestial World'.

Overall, the KIJ brand needs to reflect the fun and adventure of such an event.

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