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Marie's Team Room

Brand & Collateral Design


Marie's Team Room, in Gravesend, was established in the heritage quarter of of Gravesend Town Centre during early 2014. The tea room was named after the owners grandmother, Marie who was a passionate baker, and they required a brand to reflect the family and its history, whilst also making the the tea rooms inviting to customers.

The owner wanted a mix of vintage and modern within the brand. To create this we used pastel colours within the collateral; business cards, posters etc. Whilst making use of a more modern and font typeface to be at the forefront of the brand.

Part of the ideal was also to include imagery that could be recognisable without text as part of the Marie's brand. This came in the shape of a sketched tea cup, clearly showing what the business was, and a small bird representing the another family member who kept birds and was a major influence on the life of the owner.

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