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World Scout Jamboree 2019

Brand Design/Management


In 2019 I was a volunteer at the World Scout Jamboree in North America as part of the UK Contingents Management and Support Team. My role was that of a member of the Comms team and as lead designer before, during and after the event.

The initial part of my role was helping to design the brand for the Contingent. This was in collaboration with the Scout Association and their in-house media team. Research was undertaken and feedback from the Associations youth members (6-25 year olds) was taken onboard to reach the outcome of 'Tea Bear' a brand like nothing the Contingent had ever had before at international events. Previously, just a Union Jack and some text represented the UK Contingents at the majority of these events.

Once we started in the direction of Tea Bear the brand was effectively handed over to me from the media team. Next was the refinement of the brand in terms of colours and additional imagery.

In the run up to the 2019 event I was now responsible for all aspects of the brand creating designs for using on clothing and other merchandise, as well as for web and print. Some of these featured the Tea Bear wearing slightly different clothing and some used a repeat pattern of items related to the Tea Bear brand. I even dabbled in small animations as part of this.

Once we reached the Jamboree my role become more focused on producing media content to send back to the UK for release in the press or on Radio. Although, I was on hand to produce any additional print work we required whilst there.

The outcome of this project was a proud moment personally and professionally for me as my work was worn by over 6,000 members of the UK Contingent and got global recognition. The Tea Bear became coveted by Scouts and Guides from across the globe and many items featuring my design work were traded for my the 50,000 people in attendance of the event.

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