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Bundle Builder

The world of sports nutrition is full of endless combinations of products that consumers might use to make sure they reach their peak levels of performance when it matters. SiS needed a way to allow consumers to purchase a range of products together that visually was above all competition and was informative to the end user.

Project Outline

Creating an personal experience of high performance for an industry where performance is make or break

Initial Steps

The starting point of this project was to work with the trade team and the PIM implementation team to identify potential bundle options, price points and to look at what competitors were up to with regards to such a concept.


Researching, from my point of view, for this project focused mainly on benchmarking existing systems used by competitors and other retail brands. However, there was additional research undertaken alongside other departments to identify appropriate products to be included in each area of the selection process.

Design Process

Following the benchmarking process and the collaboration with the other teams to truly focus the project I then moved to find inspiration for something that would really stand out from the crowd.

I settled on inspiration from a surprising direction... streaming services. I quickly identified that online streaming services such like Disney+ and Netflix are all about making choices. They give you the information you require in an easily digestible manner whilst also serving other options via a carded design approach.

This direction then led me to work through the design process of sketching and digitising an experience that clearly shows what has been selected, what needs to be chosen and what options the user has.

Making use of a pop out screen for the selection process allowed me to implement a system that didn't divert the user to another page in order to 'discover' the products they could chose from, instead allowing them to scroll and read before adding an item to their bundle.

The main bundle page then utilised a series of cards to show what was already selected and where selection was needed with clear text highlighting the type of item(s) needed to fill the bundle.

This page also followed a similar design layout to all other standard product pages. The only difference being that there would be an 'advice' section as opposed to the standard 'nutrition etc' accordion. This was to aid explanation of the type of bundle they were selecting for.

Throughout the design phase, from low to high fidelity mock ups, testing was undertook with both internal and external users to make sure that presentation of data was clear and actions were easily undertaken.

The handoff to the development team was done via the dev settings of Adobe XD alongside written annotation of any extra features/visuals they might need to consider and a verbal exchange.

Implementation was put on hold until the PIM project met its conclusion.


The only real stopper to this project was that it was being run alongside a PIM (Product Information Management) system and depended upon the implementation of the PIM happening without issues. Any stoppers in that project would have a negative effect on this one.


Due to delays in the PIM project, this feature was not fully implemented during my time at SiS.

However, from a UX/UI Design point of view, the Bundle project did reach its conclusion and the testing that happened in house and with a small pool of potential users showed that it accomplished what was intended with great success. Offering an easy to use, simple to understand, stand out and personal bundle selection experience.

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