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Corporate Website

Outdated and unnavigable, the SiS PLC Corporate Website was in dire need of some TLC.

That love and care resulted in it being stripped right back to basics and being rebuilt from the ground up.

Project Outline

SiS PLC had an outdated and very hard to navigate Corporate Website that needed a huge revamp in order to attract new investors into the business.

Initial Steps

The start of this project involved a huge consolidation of what was present on the current site. Establishing what was required to be kept, what could be repositioned and what could be removed. This was governed by the Executive board of the company alongside my own input.

I reviewed what was required in order to present to the stakeholders. The presentation of this can be found here:


The research stage of this was quite intense and involved a huge amount of benchmarking against the likes of;
- The Hut Group
- Hotel Chocolat
- Apple
- Coca Cola
- Nike

I looked outside of the competitors within the Sports Nutrition industry and more towards the big players in the corporate world for best practices.

The Benchmarking covered;
- Appearance
- Message Clarity
- Credibility & Trust
- Usability

My findings can be found here:

I would have liked to have undertaken some surveys and interviews with current investors in order to find out what they would look for in such a site. However, this was unable to happen for various reasons and similar, if watered down, research was undertaken with the executive team.

Design Process

The design process for this project very much started by hand like the majority of my projects, getting all elements onto paper in order to establish flow and continuity across the concept in a low fidelity format.

Once this was done I began the work digitally with a fidelity build in Adobe XD, meeting with one of the stakeholders on a weekly basis to review the design work and assure it was on track to meeting standards and deadlines.

The original concepts were presented as a mid-fidelity mock up to the wider stakeholders for feedback. Which highlighted a change of thought direction from the stakeholders.

Though this was a slight set back, it gave me further insight into what they were truly looking for in an outcome. Allowing me to progress forward in a better manner.

Once the project found its new direction I was able to move forward through a number of mock ups before wire-framing it all together to check continuity.

The hand-off for this project was a little different to my normal projects at Science In Sport as instead of handing this off to a development team to bring to life I would be doing so myself.

The net, and final, stage of the project was for me to work with the brand team in order to gain assets and written content before building the site in Wordpress with the assistance of the plugin Elementor.


An ever changing landscape of wants and needs, resulted in two different versions of this site being built during the process.

Also, being restricted in the surveys and interviews of investors that I could conduct deprived the project of what would have been vital input.


In the end, this was a long and drawn out project. Mainly due to inconsistent direction from above.

However, the final outcome was that of a coherent, clean site where information could be found easily and included both updated and new features such as;

- an interactive share price tracker and widget
- brand new media centre
- brand specific pages (SiS & PhD) to give them their spotlight
- the inclusion of the people behind the brand to give the site personality
- clearer access to important documentation

Overall, the site was a success and received well by the Executive Board, current investors and new investors alike.

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