Deppy App

Deppy: Deposits Redefined.

The brief was for a multi-purpose app (mobile and desktop) for Tenants, Landlords and Lettings Agencies that allows tenants to pay a low insurance premium instead of a high deposit when renting a property. In turn releasing a large amount of funds that are locked up and unused in the UK economy.

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To allow tenants to pay for a rental property insurance at a low cost rather than tying up large sums of money in a rental property deposit. The product would make the process seamless between tenant and landlord/lettings agency as well as being fully digital, cutting out large amounts of paperwork and processes along the way.

The app has two main users: Tenant and Landlord. However, the landlord may allow the lettings agency to operate on their behalf, also the lettings agency may want a record of the insurance in the absence of a deposit.

The app needs to be very user-centric and easy to use as some of the users might less tech savvy than others.

Each of the 3 user types will also have slightly different functions within their 'version' of the app. Each users functions will be;

Tenant - Create account, apply for insurance, accept and pay, see records of insurance, make claim.
Landlord - Create account, manage property portfolio and insurance applications (accept, reject, amend), see records of insurance.
Letting agency - Hold records and potentially the same functions as landlord if managing properties on behalf of the landlord.


A dashboard orientated desktop and mobile app, to suite all users, that displays functions based on the type of user. Therefore decluttering the experience by avoiding the distraction of unrelated functions. A linear process for all users with limited offshoots, keeping processes clear and simple. Simplified navigation, with large, clear call to actions and easy to access data throughout.

An InVision prototype of the mobile app can be viewed here:
An InVision prototype of the web app can be viewed here: