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Interactive Blog Concept

Blogs can be basic and potentially boring to look at, even if the content is worthwhile. This concept was designed to make the blog more exciting and interactive with fantastic new features.

Project Outline

Science In Sport were looking for and aesthetic and content upgrade to their existing blog, which currently only held written articles.

Initial Steps

First and foremost the project needed a discovery phase in order to understand what extra features people would like to see within the blog area of the site. Following a number of workshops with stakeholders the conclusion was to look to build the 'Netflix' of blogs, with a focus on wider media rather than just written word.


This project involved looking at existing blogs and media services, as well as running workshops to establish required features.

The conclusion of the research lead to the decision that the following elements should be included;
- User accounts
- Lists (Favourites)
- Written Content
- Video Content (possible series)
- Notifications of new content
- Author biographies

Design Process

The design process for this project was quite straightforward once the required elements were established.

The outcome had to be one of a service and therefore all content needed to look appealing. So for the design process inspiration was taken from streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, Hulu etc.

Another consideration was that this kind of media would be digested on the move as well as at home and therefore needed to work on desktops, mobiles and tablets.

The whole platform was designed in Adobe XD and with continuity throughout that would allow all users an enjoyable and frustration free experience. Letting them pick up where they left off previously and save articles/videos for later for consumption at their convenience.


The biggest stopper to this project is tech stack within the business at the time of design. The business were unable to move this forward at the current point despite clear popularity of the design with all stakeholders.


The project as a concept we really well received by all stakeholders. However, the development of the concept into reality had to be put on hold as the businesses tech stack at the time of the design wasn't able to move the project forward.

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